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                    Very Good. . .

Work is the Price of a Happy Heart..
Though work is a four letter word and your hands often get dirty when you work; work is not a dirty word. Work is the price we must pay to overcome weakness and serve others.
When we pay this price we can feel a sense of personal value. This sense of value helps us feel happy, or content.

When work does not help us feel happy or content, it may be that the work we are doing is not ours to do at all, or it is not ours to do by ourselves. When we attempt to do someone else's work for them, we are stepping on their chance to feel the happy heart doing their work could have brought them. Not doing their own work and therefore not feeling personally valuable enables them to remain unproductive.  This sets the stage for them to become intimately acquainted with feelings of unhappiness. When work does not help us feel happy or content, perhaps the expectations we have for ourselves are unreasonable given our current strengths in relationship to what the work will require of us and others.  When work does not help us feel happy or content, it may be we actually need help from others to accomplish it.  When this is the case, and we don't know how or who to ask for help, or we are unwilling to ask for the help we need, or the people we ask for help from are unable or unwilling to help us in the way we believe we need help; thoughts of and efforts made to do our work will not bring the happy heart it could have otherwise brought to us.

When we move forward attempting to accurately identify and do "our" work and we feel encouraged in that work even though the work is difficult, we can confidently believe  that we are indeed doing "our" work.  When we move forward doing some one else's work, or when we try to do more of our work than we are actually capable of doing in this moment (in other words setting unreasonable expectations for our selves) we feel discouraged and are vulnerable to loosing hope and confidence in our ability to do our work. 

 When we run from the work we know is ours to do, or when we attempt to do the work that belongs to someone else, we experience frustration and road blocks.