Sarah D Music
Life's Greatest Battles are Fought in Your Mind

Illusion Mirage: Sarah D Released this CD in April of 1997. This CD is a collection highly introspective songs inspired by the book A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson. This is a truly delightful work. The songs on this CD earned Sarah D the title "the conscience of America." Sarah D investigates the spiritual aspect of our sojourn on earth. You cannot listen to Illusion Mirage without being deeply effected.

Come To The Christ Child: Sarah D released this CD in November of 1998. It highlights the spiritual nature of Sarah D's songwriting talent. With songs like He Was Born and In The Season, Sarah D feeds her listener hope and tranquility. The listener cannot help being transformed from the arena of the profane to the arms of the divine. This CD exemplifies why Sarah D's music is called "medicine for the people."

Who Am I: Sarah D released this CD in October of 1999. In this CD Sarah D highlights the struggle between our divine nature and our natural instincts.  She helps us rise above our animal physicality to inherit our heavenly destiny. Sarah D shows how life's greatest battles are fought in our minds. Through everyday experiences she reveals her spiritual successes and her setbacks.  The listener is inspired, saddened, and left with hope.

Unfinished Business:  Sarah D released this CD in 2003.  In This CD Sarah D addresses several  delicate and yet powerfully conflicting emotions created by personal choice, perspective and focus. She sings of forbidden love, romantic love and eternal love, of hope, insanity and spiritual gifts.  "The Hopeful One,  written by Stu Kabak is a haunting song about 9/11 from the perspective of the sweetheart at home trying to get a hold of her husband who works at ground zero.  Once again Sarah D's voice reaches into the recess of your heart and you sense that your are not alone.